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It makes me so light and happy to page through wedding photos, especially ones that I have a little behind the scenes insight on. So happy in fact, I’m spending wee morning hours procrastinating my to-do list to sip a little coffee and scroll. I cant help but smile when I see the love and the joy. I fondly remember the planning stage and our connection as I see how things came to life in all the belly laughs of family and friends and the sweet kisses of newlyweds. Wedding season officially starts for us today, so here’s to sharing a bit more, even if it feels a little odd to talk about last year when this one is just beginning. Here’s to Kristen and Alex, who were just so beautiful, inside and out. And lastly, here’s to coffee ‘cause I’ll be needing it today.



We've Moved!

When you own a family business as hands on as ours, your location becomes a little bit work and a little bit home. We said goodbye to Blossoms’ first home this winter, and are so excited to be in a new spot that will work so well for us! We loved a lot of things about the old space, and had so many happy moments to reminisce as we packed up and moved out.

We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect space this winter, and I think we nailed it. The location, the functionality, not too big - not too small - room for my incredible new walk in (cue the angels singing), and of course beautiful light!

Before we can say hello to my new space, I have to say goodbye to this sweet one! Goodbye to many successes, many lessons learned, and so many wonderful memories. I can’t help but smile at the 23 year old who went from 7 weddings one year to booking 40 and opening a retail store the next. In the 3+ years we were here we created for almost 200 weddings, countless events, and so many of our incredible flower friends. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support, your encouragement, and most of all your trust! I also owe a special thank you to my good friend Victoria Danielle for capturing these goodbye pictures (and many other’s over the years) for me!


You can come find us these days (just in time for Mother’s Day flowers!) at the Green Gables Shops in Ephriam!

10351 North Water Street

Goodbye old shop, hello new!


Keep The Snow Storm, Give Me All The Peonies!

I'm sitting at my kitchen table with a lovely spring view. Green grass peeking through the brown of winter, birds chirping, sun shining; a welcome breath of warmer air, still crisp enough to remind you how sweet it really is. Unfortunately, that's just the view when I close my eyes. In reality there is a fresh blanket of snow about a foot and counting, and I'm feeling like winter may just never end. If you're like me, day dreaming of warmer days, this insanely beautiful wedding full of peonies and garland galore may help!

When I first met Rachel and Hunter, the three of us spent the morning dreaming of their wedding day. Anytime I hear the words "family property on the water" my heart immediately skips a beat. These properties always carry with them so much love, so much tradition, and so many memories. And let's not forget to mention, they are also incredibly beautiful. To me, there is nothing that screams Door County Wedding quite like it! These two were so very sweet to work with, and being a part of bringing their wedding vision to life was incredible! 


This day was so much more beautiful because of the incredible vendor team:

Photographer: bonphotage//Caterer:About Thyme Catering//Dress Designer: BHLDN //Event Planner:Bliss Weddings & Events//Floral Designer:Blossoms Flower House//Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana//Calligrapher:Evr Paper //Equipment RentalsJk Rentals//Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar//Design and Decor:Relics Vintage Rentals//Makeup Artist:Sara Miller Makeup Artistry


Baby, It's Cold Outside.

I know, I shouldn't start a post by complaining.... but it's cold here in Door County.  It's really, really cold. As I sit here in my "home office", a.k.a the living room with both baby and dog taking afternoon naps on the couch, I had this feeling that we all could use a few more flowers in our lives. With life moving a bit slower, I've spent some time tracking down, and enjoying photographs from the 2017 wedding season. It's so renewing to see all the love that was shared the season before, and how beautifully our flowers came together to help create each couple's vision. In all this winter chill, it feels only fitting to share some of these beautiful weddings! 

So, Flower Friends, grab your slippers and enjoy the sweet scenes below along with the much needed reminder that the sun will shine on us again... fingers crossed. Oh, and stay tuned for more beautiful weddings each week!


/// Sarah + Bentley ///

Gordon Lodge, Door County, WI 

Sarah and Bentley were married at Gordon Lodge, back in July of 2017. Their closest family and friends surrounded them in a sea of blush pinks, navy blues, and gold hues. Sarah and her bridesmaids carried lovely mixes of stock, lisianthus, roses, and eucalyptus, in shades of creams, whites, and blush, while the sweetest little flower girls wore crowns of wax flower. As an added perk for their guests, each table was adorned with (what I can only imagine were delicious) cakes and flowers were arranged in vintage tea cups sitting on top. Each tea cup was collected the year before by Sarah and her mother! Their beautiful wedding day was photographed perfectly by Eric M. Schwanke out of Green Bay, WI. 


*Photographs by Eric M. Schwanke 

Retail is GONE!

Mother's Day weekend was a big one! Not only was it my first Mother's Day and my first big week back at work after bringing home our beautiful baby boy, but it also was the moment a lot of you discovered the new direction we are taking this year! After hearing request after request after request to host more workshops, we decided this is the year to take the plunge.  If you were in the shop Mother's Day weekend, you saw something very different than you're used to. 

The retail is GONE! 

Photo May 22, 12 27 31 PM.jpg

Instead of a retail store with gifts and home decor, we are now offering a space to gather and create! After teaching workshops in the off season, I've found a love for teaching, and I've seen a desire to learn throughout the community! The more I teach, the more I realize THIS (along with arranging flowers) is where my passion lies. 

All this change also means a few things are different in the shop. We are no longer keeping regular retail hours, rather using our space here as a studio to do what we love most - arrange flowers! We still offer deliveries around the county as well as special orders, and are available in-shop by appointment. Even better, we can now offer flower subscriptions year round for those of you who love fresh bouquets each week! To order, just call 920-853-4288 or email With flower workshops, flower subscriptions, flower deliveries, and wedding flowers we are bringing more flowers to Door County than ever before! So thankful to all of you for the opportunity to grow, and blossoms into something new (pun intended!)                                                                  XO - Jackie 

PS - be sure to mark your calendars with the dates below! 


Confession time: I'm a sap.

It's Wednesday! That beautiful transition day when the week before is finally wrapped up and put away, and the new weekend is quickly approaching. It's a day that is rushed and full of prep for the next couple ahead. Usually it's full of work that drones on, and that is way too easy to put off. 

On really lucky Wednesdays, like today, it's a day when an email comes with pictures! When these kinds of Wednesdays roll around, I get to indulge a little in day dreaming of a love story that I was a small part of. One of my very favorite things is to flip through pictures and finding the really tender moments. The moments when it really isn't about the seating chart or what's for dinner. When it's not about the weather, or even the flowers. For everyone (at least I hope), there is a moment when all of those details slip away. Instead, it's about all of the moments that happened to get you to this very spot. Often these moments are little treasures that we keep as a memories just for ourselves.


When I'm arranging I have a few of these little moments I keep just for myself, too. Making the bridal bouquet is all too special to me. It's always a routine; I wait until I'm the only one left in the store, I crank cheesy love songs, and I think of the bride who will carry the bouquet I am making down the aisle to her husband (I know! I'm a sap). It's a really special thing to me, and it doesn't matter if it's two A.M. or five P.M.  It's what I do every single time. 

In the rushed, and even in the slow moments of life, it's far too easy to cheat ourselves of these little things we hold dear. So instead take moments to linger a little longer. Leave the laundry. Have an extra cup of coffee on the porch. Sneak off for a moment of quiet with your new husband, even though the guests are waiting. Most importantly take time to savor the moments that will get you through. The ones that make you smile when you're tired, and cranky, and there isn't enough coffee in the world. 



//Vendor Love//

Photography: Generations Photography

Bridal Gown: Miss Ruby Boutique

Bridal Jewelry: Champagne + Glitter 

Hair/Makeup: Tangled Hair Salon

Venue: Woodwalk Gallery

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