Year one: If you took a vacation, I unfriended you -

Of course, I'm only kidding. In all seriousness, year one if nothing else, has been a blur. A blur of long nights, early mornings, major meltdowns, and serious - serious joy. As my mom told me one day, far too aptly (Mom always knows, doesn't she?), the shop is my baby. She told me, it will make you laugh, make you cry, take you to your limits, and make you grow like you'd never imagine you could. 

The funny thing about owning a shop (or anything really), is you always think the next tough project is the one that makes it all get easier. No one tells you each day is a new challenge - instead they tell you it's an adventure. An adventure is a trip to the ocean. It's a hike on a mountain you've never seen. An adventure is wild, and freeing. An adventure is not mulching in the dark because it has to be done, and you're the gal to do it. No one tells you this adventure is hard. It's long, it's dirty, it's lonely.

Even when you love what you do, work is, well work. It's a grind. But the thing is, this is my grind. That's the part of the adventure that makes every hour count. 

This month, my baby turns one, and man was it a journey getting here! I won't tell you I've loved every minute, or it all came naturally. I won't tell you it was without sacrifice. I will tell you, however, it's a year to be celebrated! This past year, with one seasonal employee, a sweet shop dog, and a wonderful group of family and friends we were open all year long with fresh flowers, deliveries, and handmade gifts. We arranged flowers for over 60 weddings. We supported six different, local Wisconsin growers, and even grew some of our own product! We gave back to the community. The Shopvac became one of my favorite possessions....  

In all, we worked with so many new faces, and made beautiful friends in the industry and in our customers. We learned what it was to have support from the community, and to be here right back when things slow down, and colorful life is needed most. 

In year two, the adventures will continue. This year, we're adding to the crew! We will grow even more product, and will have raised beds right outside of the shop! We'll continue to source our gifts from American artists, and add even more locally made product in the store. We've booked over 65 weddings, with new inquiries every week. We'll add flower subscriptions to our smorgasbord, and continue to host events and workshops. Year two, will be a great year! 

It takes a village to raise a baby, and this business is no different! Thank you to all who have followed along this crazy, beautiful ride!